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We are funding this money to list on Top exchanges on cmc. Hope all will help us to list on bigger exchanges. Approximately 1 EUSD = $1 when we will list on bigger exchanges. So, Buy tokens while it’s too cheap.

🚀 Allready Listed on
Mcafeedex —
Forkdelta —

✅Buy 0.005 ETH get 100 EUSD ($100)
✅Buy 0.01 ETH get 250 EUSD ($250)
✅Buy 0.05 ETH get 1500 EUSD ($1500)
✅Buy 0.10 ETH get 4000 EUSD ($4000)
✅Buy 0.50 ETH get 25000 EUSD ($25000)
✅Buy 1 ETH get 75000 EUSD ($75000)

Sent ETH to this address : 0x7DCF10A951e57ea98432Fd676CB69423E1661088

Token sent to ETH Deposit Address
Tokens will be sent immediately after we confirm your payment.




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